South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Cairns 7 Day General Public Voyage


FROM:  Cairns  TO: Cairns

DATE: 28/6/2016

POSITION:  Dunk Island

Report by: Red Watch – Fletcher

 For breakfast we had pancakes with syrup; this was at about 7:00. At about 8:00 we had a backstay competition, the goal was to get the backstay off and on as fast as possible. The other teams didn’t stand a chance against us. We are legends compared to the other groups. Our watch won the best chocolate frogs that we ever had, the other watches were missing out. Then we set off from the Mourilyan Harbour in to the ocean. From that point there was a couple of concerned sailors with the tilt of the boat but they were reassured that this is normal for this type of boat. In the time between breakfast and lunch there were some very pale faces and some people lost their breakfast. For lunch we had burritos. As good as this sounded there wasn’t that many people that were able to go the distance without being sick. So everyone was ready for dinner to come. At about lunch time the wind reached about 28 knots and the boat travelled at an average speed of 9 knots (?!). At this point there were very few people who managed to not be sick or be asleep. As we came to the final reach to the island there were sighs of relief all throughout the boat. We finally reached Dunk Island and the sails were lowered. We threw the anchor out and we all jumped on to the dinghy and headed off to the island. There was a little cafe on the island that some of us got some food and drinks from. We came back from the boat and had our knot tying competition. Red watch won with a marvellous time, some would say it was unfair how godlike we were. For dinner we had some amazing steak made by our amazing chef Hugh.



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