South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Cairns 7 Day General Public Voyage


FROM:  Cairns  TO: Cairns

DATE: 26/6/2016

POSITION:  Fitzroy Island

Report by: Blue Watch

Today was a day of many new experiences. It was pretty hectic as we started off with getting the sails up and it was interesting to see how once everyone had their jobs assigned the boat operated almost like a living organism. Only two people vomited.

To start off with, the day went pretty well. Once we were out on open waters, it became a bit rough, resulting in sickness. It was very fascinating to see how the ship worked and how complicated sailing South Passage really is.

When we reached the island there was a bar there which had milkshakes so that was pretty dandy. Overall it was a pretty good day, a very new experience but one that will be enjoyed throughout the following days.

B1- CL

We left Cairns behind us and ventured through the open waters towards the unknown, the choppy weather got to a couple of people resulting in them seeing their breakfast. Learning all the ropes was a tedious task but rewarding as you saw how South Passage operated. 

As soon as we left the shore all of the new members of the crew were allocated into watch groups- blue, red, and white, and these groups were and will continue to be used to run the ship. Today we travelled from Cairns to Fitzroy (Fizzroy) Island, where we anchored at 1600 and were able to choose to go for a swim in the freezing cold ocean or enjoy the shore. Some succeeded in climbing up and kissing the mermaid at the bow, whilst others plummeted into the icy depths trying. We had a delicious dinner of chicken and vegetables, and apple pie and custard for dessert! Overall, a fantastic day upon the South Passage!


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  1. Tracey Wilson on June 27, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    Sounds like a great way to start a voyage (despite the sea-sickness). And dinner sounds fantastic!

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