South Passage Daily Report



FROM:  Cairns  TO: Cairns

DATE: 21/6/16

POSITION: Michaelmas Cay

Report by: Blue watch

The day of reckoning is soon arriving, the time when school becomes the daily norm instead of sailing and having fun. Back to the solid jail cages of classes instead of the open deck.  The amazing 3 course meals that just explode in your mouth and flood your senses with pure angelic tastes, all gone. On the 21st of June we were 1 day closer to feeling the grass between our toes. The day started as any other with waking to the sound of the horn and everyone slowly coming to their senses. Then we ate, ate, ate and ate some more. Then it was all a blur, people rushing towards their bunks pulling their bags from the depths of the schooner. Grabbing snorkels and goggles, then up and over the side of the boat. Lucky us we got to moor right next to a reef, upon the splendorous Great Barrier Reef.

After recovering the wet and soggy divers we pushed towards the north, under a strong south easterly wind. Surging over the waves, we made good time, throwing in gibes to the unsuspecting and inexperienced watch. After 3 hours which barely felt like half an hour, we were halfway to our new destination, Michaelmas Cay when we were suddenly bombarded by dolphin after dolphin. Just popping up to say hello. After this sudden surprise we were hounded by 25knt winds so much so we had to take down the main sail to make sure the helm didn’t slip out of the experienced helmsman’s fingers. After the trial was over the real challenge began. Restraining ourselves and not getting too lazy when we were in sight of our destination. Another hour passed and we finally manoeuvred the ship to a suitable mooring spot. Once again the goggles and snorkels were pulled from hiding places and over the side they went, along with their human companion. Now dinner was something to talk about, chicken stir fry to follow up an amazing burrito lunch. This evening was the last night on our voyage so it is customary to have a fun night, some exaggerated nursery rhymes, followed by a Drama Skit, then some quiet singing. After all the excitement it was time for a good night’s rest. Except for me, cause I’m stuck here writing this report. I will say one thing before I finish. My compliments to the chef.

Blue Watch Leader Rhys Thomas

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