South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St John’s College Woodlawn


FROM: Manly  TO: Coffs Harbour

DATE: Day 1, 11 October 2016  TIME: 2030 hrs

POSITION: Tangalooma

Report by: Blue Watch

Arrived from Lismore late Monday afternoon, to be welcomed by the cool sea breeze. We had dinner in Manly and then slept on the boat for our first time. Overall, everyone had a pretty decent sleep but complained about the boat knocking against the wharf for the whole night.

We all awoke at 5:00; an hour before scheduled, as the light shone through the skylights and we were still living off daylight savings time. We were served with both a cold and hot breakfast, which we enjoyed on deck. We then learnt some basic safe handling of the lines, such as belaying.

Finally it was time to set sail on open seas. There were thousands of jellyfish as we ventured out of the harbour, we also saw a few whales and a turtle. For the first few hours, the weather was perfect and we all had a go at our first shifts. But when we were about an hour away from our first stopover (Moreton Bay) the weather and waves increased dramatically, causing our vessel to tip sideways several times. The weather grew even wilder which meant that we had to take the sail down. This was a very stressful task as we couldn’t hear the orders due to the loud wind (which was 25 knots gusting to 30) and the sails were flying around like crazy. We eventually battled the weather and let down the anchor at Tangalooma where we would stay for the night.

After we let down the anchor, we got changed into our swimmers and caught the tender to shore. The next two hours we spent snorkelling, running down sand dunes and swimming at the beach. After we returned to the boat we got changed and practiced our knots for the knot tying competition. It was a relay and a competition between watches, the watch with the shortest time won. This really taught us about being gracious when losing, even when it is by 1 point. We then had dinner which was chicken legs with rice, carrots, peas and gravy. Soon after we had dessert, which was apple pie with custard. After we practiced knots and relaxed until our watch started at 8:00, where we took turns in our watch to make sure we got enough sleep.


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