South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Redlands College


FROM: Manly  TO: Manly

DATE: Day 2, 4 October 2016  TIME: 2030 hrs

POSITION: Tangalooma

Report by: White Watch

Waking up early this morning, the clouds were clearing, evoking a hope for clear weather for the remainder of the day. Before setting off, we were invited to go ashore of Peel Island, and take a walk upon the sand, digging up many pipis hidden beneath, and climbing the weather worn trees on the shore. Upon returning to the ship, we prepared to set off, and took turns as we pulled in the anchor. When sailing during the day, the sky became a clear blue, and the weather was glorious. During the watch, many whales were spotted, alongside distant boats and large cargo ships, while we continued to take individual duties, and tacked every so often, working as a rather well knit group.

Once our watch was over, some chose to stay on deck, while others resorted below to relax. The wind became strong towards the end of the day, causing the ship to lean to such an angle that every crewmember was standing at a 30 degree angle, closely rivalling that of the famous “Michael Jackson Lean”, and found themselves grabbing for railings to prevent tripping on the slanted footing of the deck. Once finally reaching Tangalooma the sunset became a radiant orange, and the horizon was illuminated by the bright colour in the sky. We then dropped anchor by the wrecks of the island, and went below for supper, while choosing who to elect as leaders for the next day’s voyage. The chosen captain was Danielle, sail master, Deveron, navigator, Ben, Red watch leader, Jayde, White watch leader, Izack, and Blue watch leader, Lachlan.

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