South Passage Daily Report



FROM:  Cairns  TO: Cairns

DATE: 20/6/16

POSITION: Moore Reef

Report by: Red watch

Sarah spotted two dolphins swimming in the waves today and thought she saw a shark, but Ashleigh missed out because she had to do the washing up and Danika was asleep. Both are very sad that they didn’t see the dolphins. Finn is terrible at playing the bugle. He attempted to wake everyone up, but failed and resorted to blowing it in people’s ears. Michael was hyped up on sugar (sea sickness tablets) and dunked half his body into the waves while hanging from the bowsprit. Taylor, Charlee and Danika also attempted this, but failed. Charlee was re-enacting the titanic by standing on the very front of the bowsprit. Taylor is horrible at helming the boat and she almost sunk it a few times. Red Watch finally won their first challenge today, after coming last in all the rope tying competitions. The challenge we won was the backstay competition and we tied with White watch on the figure of eight rope tying competition, but we’re still coming last on the leader board. The weather was really windy and sunny today, the perfect day for sailing. There was a point in time where everyone was sleeping on the deck, including Red Watch who was supposed to be on watch. Ashleigh saved everyone because of her magnificent helming; to her everyone looked dead. Finn likes chicken. We learnt that the boys use the toilet more than 3 times a day, for all needs, and don’t clean up after themselves very well. Finn keeps annoying Taylor to breaking point. Tomorrow we are going snorkelling on the Outer Reef, which is really cool because most of us haven’t been swimming on the reef before. Mr O’Neill and Mr Weaver were bullying some of the students with the most annoying “mind games” in the world. The boys have too much sugar and chilli sauce in their blood. It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun, Macca!

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