South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage


FROM: Hervey Bay  TO: Manly

DATE: Day 1, 26 September 2016  TIME: 2030 hrs

POSITION: Triangle Cliffs, Fraser Island

Report by: Blue Watch

We started our voyage at Sandy Straits Marina, Hervey Bay bright and early Monday morning. We cleared the deck and hoisted the sails after entering the beautiful bay. It was a fine clear day and a multitude of sea life was on parade. The crew enjoyed spotting turtles, starfish and whales! Then we did some training to practice some newly learnt sailing skills such as knot tying and turning backstays on and off.

After a delicious lunch, we continued sailing into Platypus Bay with the sights of Fraser Island in the distance. When we finally anchored at the Triangle Cliffs the crew were eager to hit the shore and go for a swim and climb up the large sand dunes. Whilst ashore, some of the crew helped keep the beach looking beautiful by collecting a bag of rubbish to bring aboard as part of South Passage’s participation in the Marine Environmental Project.

When everyone had returned on board it was time for the first knot tying contest, with Blue watch taking the prize! After a massive first day, the crew had dinner and started to prepare for the overnight anchor watches.

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