South Passage Daily Report



FROM:  Manly  TO: Manly

DATE: 13 September 2016  TIME: 2030 hrs

POSITION: Big Sandhills, Moreton Is

Report by: White Watch

Today was day two on our sailing adventure, we set sail from Tangalooma to and stopped at Comboyuro Point for lunch and a quick swim. The water was crystal clear, it was so inviting that we had to jump off the boat, it was really deep. It was so deep in fact that no one could touch the bottom. Once we arrived at shore we played piggy in the middle with a soccer ball, it was quite satisfying. After the magnificent burgers we hoisted the sails again and went on a big loop, we didn’t know what the point was but it was very beautiful when the sun was setting. While the sun was setting we saw dolphins and the Pacific Dawn cruise ship.

The crew participated in the knot tying competitions: we had to complete the figure of eight knot and the reef knot. White watch won the figure of eight knot; however, the red watch came first for the reef knot. After the intensity of the competition, we ate some delicious bangas and mash but still continued to sail through the water. We travelled all the way through till 7:45 where we put the boat to bed at the Big Sandhills. Beth and Hannah 


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