South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Somerset College group 2


FROM: Bundaberg   TO: Brisbane

DATE: 31st August 2016     TIME:  2100 hrs

POSITION: Inskip Point

REPORT BY: White Watch

Today was a very eventful day for all the Somerset crew members travelling on board the South Passage. The White Watch group members were the first to awaken and polish the brass on board. Calm waters as well as picturesque views of Fraser Island could be seen during the morning.

Once all of the crew members stirred from their slumber at 6:30am a satisfying breakfast of cereal followed by servings of hash browns, spaghetti and toast were devoured. In between the different servings of breakfast, the daily rope tying competition took place where we attempted to successfully tie a reef knot. There was a sense of excitement as each team cheered for their crew members!

Fraser Island was one of the main highlights of the day as the Somerset team fell overboard…just kidding :-). A dinghy transported us to the island where we were able to spend the rest of the morning touring the coastline and no man was lost to a dingo! Upon returning to South Passage each team carried out their assigned tasks of hoisting the sails, tying the knots and being on lookout.

As night fell, duties transformed to searching for flashing beacons and increased use of navigational aids and charts. Each member of the watches had a go at helming the vessel and steering towards the dark horizon.

In conclusion the calm waters and relaxed nature of today’s part of the voyage made for an enjoyable day for all sailors, especially considering that nobody threw up or fell over board :-).


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