South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Somerset College


FROM: Bundaberg TO: Manly

DATE: 1st September 2016     TIME: 2130 hrs

POSITION: Tangalooma Wrecks

Report by: Red Watch

The wake up call came early this morning, 5:30 am in fact. Red Watch was first off the mark and sounded the bugle for the others. All watches were on deck and we were on the move by 6 am ready for a long day of sailing from Fraser Island to Tangalooma. Dennis served up the breakfast of champions’: bacon, eggs and toast. The morning’s conditions were rough and choppy and quite a few sailors were incapacitated by seasickness.

The conditions eased out by mid-morning as we exited the Southern Bar of Fraser Island and into the open ocean. The better conditions brought about a little more joviality among the sailors as seasickness was slowly forgotten. By the afternoon the wind conditions enabled South Passage to sail without the aid of the motor, which was a treat for all on board. Those who had the opportunity to helm had to contend with the wind realised how much muscle it takes to steer a ship when truly sailing.

As night fell and darkness descended, the wind picked up significantly. At one point the boat was sailing at 15 degree angle to the horizontal with many drawing comparisons to disaster movies. Blue Watch, who were on duty at the time, were not fazed by this and the wind soon died down and South Passage continued once again continued on even keel.

Today was a challenging day for all sailors as they not only battled the wind and the waves but their own seasickness too. Many important skills and procedures were learned in preparation for the student-led sailing effort tomorrow.

Red Watch over and out.


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