South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT:  Somerset College group 2


FROM: Bundaberg    TO: Brisbane

DATE: 30th August 2016

POSITION: Arch Cliffs, Fraser Island

Report by: Aarsh Nagpal, Anneka Lanham

After a full night of interesting noises coming from our boat through the night, we awoke at 0630 to a Reveille on the trumpet and ate our cold breakfast. After eating our cereals (assorted variety!), we were taken upstairs in order to learn about the safety rules and regulations regarding sailing on the South Passage, along with how to properly put up each sail.

Watch-group Bosuns were selected, and watches themselves began after a hot breakfast of eggs, beans and toast. We then began our watches as we set sail out into the vast ocean.

We observed multiple pods of wild dolphins which swam alongside our boat, along with a whale breaching in the distance as our comrades puked over the side of the boat. Our brilliant relative watch-leaders (blue group especially) then came around to each individual member of the groups and taught us the classic “Round turn and two half inches” knot to train us for the upcoming group knotting competition, in which we came second.

The competition consisted of each group coming together, and tying the same knot over and over, with each variation bringing down the overall group time – ranging from eyes closed to one-handed. Our group unfortunately came second in the competition, however at least we weren’t white watch who now have to take out the rubbish regularly :^).

After that, the watches continued and dinner was served (rice with chicken and vegetables). We then continued to enjoy each others company by playing cards and/or sleeping. The night watches began and we are being held captive please help us.




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