South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT:  Somerset College


FROM:  Rosslyn Bay  TO: Bundaberg

DATE: 26th August 2016 TIME:  2100 hrs

POSITION: Cape Capricorn

Report by: Blue Watch

Got up at 0730 (to the bugle) and had cold and hot breakfast. After learning all about the boat and the basics to operate it, we left the harbour around 0930 and prepared to hoist sails. Set up sails and drove towards Cape Capricorn, alternating watches every 2 hours. As this was our first day, several people were seasick. We took it in turns in harnessing to the front of the boat and sitting out on the nets, which was an incredible (and wet) experience. Lunch was a mixture of cold meats and rolls.

To pass the time, we learnt several new knots, such as the round turn two half hitches, reef knots and figure of eights. Several sing alongs and some interesting dances later, we arrived at Cape Capricorn and took a dinghy ashore, where we climbed up to see the lighthouse. The view was amazing, the mosquitoes less so. The trip back to the boat turned into a bit of an adventure; on the first journey back to the boat, the engine broke down. Fortunately, the motor was fixed and all arrived back in time to participate in the daily knot challenge.

Despite the Blue team’s best efforts, we did not place first, instead the White team took the title (for now).  Dinner was a banquet, followed by nautical riddles and the classic Cards Against Humanity. Overall, it was a successful first day!

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