South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School – Voyage 2


FROM:  Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 9/8/16

POSITION: Scraggy Point, Hinchinbrook Channel.

Report by: Group F – Red Watch

Group F boarded the South Passage for the second time during our 9 day outdoor education. After lunch all of us walked down the jetty and waited for the tender to drop people from group E onto Dunk Island where we had spent the past 2 nights. When all of the students and teachers from group F had been transported to the boat we raised the sails of the boat straight away, close to Dunk Island. It was a rough couple of hours going from Dunk Island to Cardwell to pick up more bananas for our journey. Most ships don’t carry bananas because it’s sometimes considered bad luck. Some of us completed part of the boat’s log book writing details including the weather conditions, which were windy with small waves but clear skies, the speed of the boat and the coordinates of the ship’s placement. Others plotted the ship’s position on a chart using a parallel ruler for accuracy. Each group participated in a rope tying competition, racing to tie a round turn and two half hitches as well as a reef knot around the rail. The red group got heaps of extra points, taking out the win, as the majority of us could tie both knots with our eyes closed and only one hand. After enjoying our 10/10 chicken and veg dinner we discussed night watches. South Passage is now anchored at Scraggy Point, near Cardwell, in the Hinchinbrook Channel. It is a much calmer night compared to earlier in the morning. The sky is clear of clouds and rain and is filled with stars. It’s one of the warmer nights our group has slept through.

Written by – Emily & Cheyenne

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