South Passage Daily Report



FROM:  Cairns  TO:  Cairns

DATE: 18 June 2016

POSITION: Fitzroy Island

Report by: Blue Watch

The first day of our amazing adventure began on Saturday the 18th  of June 2016, the first ten minutes was the skipper and the sailing master John and Phill telling as about the dos and don’ts of the ship. We got told the R.O.P.E.S. rule which is respect, opportunity, participation, enjoyment and safety. Those rules the crew taught us we would need later

on even after the South Passage trip.  I can not tell you what the other teams were taught but I can tell you what our Watchleader Paul Garrard taught as the initials of rope control, how to safely work around the ship with 20 other fellow students.  After a brief 20 minutes of putting what we were told into practice we finally set off, tacked back around and set out into the ocean blue.

The forward half of our day was learning how to tack and putting that skill to good use during the start of our journey. Towards the latter hours of our first day we decided to anchor around Fitzroy Island and to shrug off the lingering taste off seasickness we were allowed to swim to shore or take the dingy and relax on the beach for an hour and a half.  After the swim we took the dingy back whilst others swam and relaxed. All biting at the bit just thinking about what mysteries and adventures tomorrow holds. We finished writing this during our watch which was at 9:30 pm, its dark and there has been a few sprinkles of rain but overall the weather today has been really great.

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