South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School – Voyage 2


FROM:  Townsville      TO: Townsville

DATE: 7/8/16

POSITION: Haycock Is, Hinchinbrook Channel

Report by: Group D – Blue Watch

We boarded South Passage this afternoon at 1pm and were introduced to the crew of the South Passage. We were welcomed by our watch leaders who showed us around the South Passage. Phill talked to us about the safety of the boat and John explained the acronym ROPES. Our watch leaders then showed us some of the jobs that we would have to do while we were aboard the ship. Then they showed us how to hitch lines. We passed all the bags of our crew through the windows down to our beds and then had to haul the halyards and hitch them so that we could start sailing to our destination for the night.  I then sat aboard and enjoyed the experience. We were then given delicious cake which was enjoyed by all. A few of the group were feeling a bit queasy but soon back to our watches and feeling fine. Each watch had their first ‘watch’ and everyone found their feet at each of the positions, including steering the ship. We all enjoyed our first half day on the boat and look forward to our next night on the ship.  – Chelsea, Bailey and Judith

Tonight, although starting off feeling sick, we were shown how to tie 3 knots, including one round turn and two hitches, figure of eight and a reef knot. Just after learning, there was a knot tying competition in which we placed second (good effort). However, there was one thing about the day on South Passage that trumped all of the experiences that day. That was dinner. For dinner we had a nice thick piece of steak that was cooked perfectly and came nice and tender, with steamed vegetables like pumpkin, peas and potato. That was topped with a devine sticky date pudding and custard for dessert. After dinner and a little relaxation time, we were up on the deck, putting the skills that we were taught to the test on our first watch.

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