South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School


FROM:  Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 5/8/2016  TIME: 2100 hrs

POSITION:  Casement Bay, Palm Island

Report by: Group E – White Watch, Kikan Leung, Abigail Muller

Today, we woke up early, at 5:00am to monitor the ship. So we were very tired. We then also cleaned the brass and woke the other roommates by playing the bugle.  After those tasks, we ate breakfast consisting of toast, cereal and scrambled eggs – delicious! During the day we had plenty of free time doing things including playing cards, chatting with others and swimming. Still, we had to go on watch for three hours and it was very exhausting after waking up so early. But we enjoyed it very much since we don’t have many opportunities to sail. Meanwhile, after lunch we went swimming at Havanna Island. Here, it was very fun. Also, it was Kikan’s first time swimming in the ocean. He loved the experience.

After we went swimming, we motored the ship to Casement Bay. The journey here was exciting as the ocean was very rough which we hadn’t seen before. Creating waves that sprayed people on board. My fellow students and I were up on the bow taking in the memories and experiences of being on a sailing ship. Furthermore, we participated in a rope tying competition where we had to tie a figure of eight knot within your watch group. We finished a neat 2nd! For improvement, we thought that we should have better time management. At six, we ate a hearty meal consisting of bangers and mash, and everyone had second helpings. After dinner, we played a card game called “Speed”.


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