South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School


FROM:  Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 31/7/2016  TIME: 2100 hrs

POSITION:  Pioneer Bay, Orpheus Island

REPORT BY: Blue Watch – Chrisoula Emmanoilidis, Dianne Rufus, Mitchell Marquardt and Alex Woods.

Group C sprinted to the Dunk Island Jetty in order to meet the South Passage boat and crew that were visible from a distance. The majority of the group were transported to the sail boat by the red dinghy. Most got their feet wet but weren’t phased at all by it because their excitement was uncontainable. As we got on board we wondered what the day had in store for us. We were separated into our watch groups (to meet the best watch leader, Phill) where we competed in numerous knot competitions (of which we were deemed undefeated) and learnt the ways of our sailing vessel. Whilst it was incredibly challenging to remember the intricate methods, we worked as a cohesive team. We had turns steering the helm, scouting for lateral markers and various vessels on both starboard and port sides as well as checking the deck for safety.

During particularly rough weather, John, our courageous skipper and captain thoroughly enjoyed sailing the boat when it was heeling over at approximately 45 degrees on its side. This was mainly to hear the shrieks from all ends of the vessel as water sprayed across the bow and to see the students’ faces and reactions as they were being flung into rails. However, the hard work was worth the amazing memories and friendships gained on the South Passage. Such memories include Hugh’s culinary delights (and every now and then his soothing singing of classical favourites) and dolphin, whale (mother and calf) and turtle sightings.

Today we visited Yank’s Wharf, where the majority of the group dived off the boat into the cooling, coral filled blue ocean. After numerous belly flops, exploring and hours of video footage, we got back into the ship and continued sailing through the evening to eventually see yet another breathtaking sunset. Even though some of the boys complained about their delicate hands being sore from hoisting the sails, sailing a ship is definitely something that we will all never forget.

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