South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School


FROM:  Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 30/7/2016  TIME: 2100 hrs

POSITION:  Haycock Island, Hinchinbrook Channel

Group B hoisted sails again after South Passage motored up the Hinchinbrook Channel to Cardwell and sailed to Dunk Island where they disembarked. Group C then rejoined South Passage and sailed back to Port Hinchinbrook where more supplies were loaded on board

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Camp Group C reboarded the South Passage at around 1pm today (Saturday), happy to see the other group, but sad to have to leave Dunk Island. However, even those who unfortunately fell seasick the first time around were glad to be back on the ship. Right from the start there was work to be done, immediately hoisting the sails and learning new knots. The afternoon was full of high spirits, singing and rough sailing conditions. On a mission to Cardwell to replenish supplies, we took the path of a narrow channel to restock, making an important pit-stop to bag some coconuts. Soon enough we were on our way back down the Hinchinbrook Channel to anchor for the night at around 8pm. Spirits remain high as the group looks forward to a full  on day of sailing, swimming and fishing ahead tomorrow.

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