South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School


FROM:  Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 29/7/2016 TIME: 2100 hrs

POSITION:  Haycock Island, Hinchinbrook Channel

Group A continued down the Hinchinbrook Channel and spent the morning sailing, including a sail past by Young Endeavour who were anchored at Orpheus Island (lots of cheers between ships including a cannon fire from Young Endeavour). Group A disembarked at Pelorus Island and group B (the well trained crew who had sailed from Townsville last Monday) rejoined South Passage .They then raised sails for the sail across to Lucinda.

REPORT BY: White Watch

Today group B boarded South Passage once again after camping on Pelorus Island for the past three days. As much as we enjoyed the island, we were all anticipating our return to the South Passage. We were excited to be sleeping on beds instead of rocks, but most of all we were looking forward to seeing our favourite chef Hugh.

We adjusted back to life on the ship quickly as we headed towards Lucinda to replenish our water supply. Raising and lowering sails felt like second nature to us after doing it so many times. Today the White Watch had shifts from 12pm-3pm and 8pm-12am, playing an important role in the late night shift, assuring that the ship hadn’t changed position, or boats hadn’t come too close for comfort.

After arriving at Lucinda we patiently waited for about 1.5 hours for the ship’s water storage to reach capacity, the smell of dinner wafting through the air. Hugh had prepared us a wholesome meal of delicious beef stew and fluffy rice. Mention of pancakes for breakfast and beef pasta for lunch tomorrow set excitement through the group after eating spam and crackers for the past three days. We never realised how luxurious South Passage was until we camped on the island.

We set sail after dinner through the Hinchinbrook channel where we would anchor down for the night. The nights on the ship are most enjoyable and filled with laughter as the whole group bonds with games and conversations. We then settled down for a good night’s sleep, ready to work hard, tacking the boat through the channel tomorrow.

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