South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School


FROM:  Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 28/7/2016

POSITION:  Paluma Creek, Hinchinbrook Channel

Group C disembarked at Dunk Island after lunch and Group A boarded and sailed South Passage back to Cardwell and down the Hinchinbrook Channel.

Report by: Blue Watch (Group A) Felicity Tritton

As I look out past the Tropical Islands I see the little white triangle that everyone has known as the South Passage coming towards us. Two hours later she is not a small white triangle anymore, by now the South Passage was at the shores of Dunk Island. My group and I all grabbed our bags and walked as fast as we could to the end of the jetty. As we all got there we could see that now it was not as small as we had thought. We all looked onto the ship trying to see our school mates and soon enough there were people from both sides smiling and waving at each other. Hours later it is now my group’s turn to be sailing the wide open seas. Not many of us got sea sick but the few who did soon felt better. The ship went very fast and it tipped from side to side quite a lot. There was laughter all around the ship when the sea water splashed up over the front, some girls even screamed. Overall the food on the South Passage was fantastic and I am sure looking forward to the rest of this amazing journey on the South Passage.

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