South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Grammar School


FROM:  Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 22/7/2016  TIME: 2000 hrs

POSITION:  Hinchinbrook Island 18 deg 28.071S 146 deg 12.979 E

Report by: Red watch

Red watch had the luxury of waking up the rest of the crew at 0600 with their marvellous bugle playing. After having their cold breakfast, the crew raised the sails and the ‘South Passage’ set sail by 0700 from Pioneer Bay (Orpheus Island). While leaving the bay, the crew was fortunate enough to witness a stunning sunrise over Orpheus Island and the surrounding ocean. It was a picturesque moment. The crew continued to sail until they reached Cape Richards in the North of Hinchinbrook Island.  

At Cape Richard, the crew moored on one side of the headland and took the dinghy to shore, where they trekked across to the bay on the other side of the headland, past the remnants of an old resort- There was even an old pool! Unfortunately, there was only a short hour to explore Missionary Bay. Afterwards, some of the crew members snorkelled on the other side of the headland while waiting for the dinghy.

After boarding the ship, the ‘South Passage’ sailed westward to the entrance of the Hinchinbrook channel. The crew members spotted the coloured buoys that marked their path. As the ship sailed further down the channel, the sun began to set. As there was no wind, the water was smooth and looked like a liquid mirror, reflecting the hills on either side of the channel, along with the red, orange and yellow hues of a beautiful sunset. To make the moment even more special, dolphins were spotted swimming through the golden ocean.

After the sun had set, the ‘South Passage’ moored at Haycock Island, and the crew headed below deck for dinner. Afterwards, they sat around chatting and playing card games. Alex taught a few crew members how to make a woven grasshopper out of palm fronds. Afterwards, they all settled for a close competition- Trivia night (Red Watch Won!).

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