South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Trinity Anglican School


FROM:  Cairns  TO: Townsville

DATE: 19/7/2016  TIME: 2030 hrs

POSITION:  Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island

Summary of the day in dot points

– This morning the watch group woke up to clean the brass on the wheel and other metals as it was part of a chore, this was effective as the whole team worked together and didn’t complain about it.

– After finishing, the watch group was instructed to wake up all the sleeping and loudly snoring students at 6:00am to eat and prepare to set sail.

– Skipper, sailing master, navigator, red watch, blue watch and white watch leaders were voted by the students. The list of elected students are as follows; Jai, Miranda, Kyle, Katie, Eli and Lam.  

– Knot tying practice (clove hitch and rolling hitch)

– Knot tying competition commenced (blue watch won)

– sailing across the island, meanwhile some of the students sang to pass the time

– stopped at the wharf and relaxed for 3 hours

– majority of the boys challenged each other to climb up the pole at the front of the South Passage and kissed the mermaid statue only to discover later on that the statue was designed and modelled after a 14 year old girl. .

– played tackle red rover game made by Joseph as a consequence Kyle had friction burns all over his body

– went back to board South Passage and washed ourselves with freshwater to get rid of the salt and had lunch

– Blue watch went on duty, went fine and smooth. .

– continued sailing into the night to get to Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island

Other notes

Nobody threw up today

Wind speed was fine at times, and we occasionally didn’t entirely depend on using the engine.

Saw a whale.


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