South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Trinity Anglican School


FROM:  Cairns  TO: Townsville

DATE: 16/7/2016

POSITION:  Fitzroy Island

Report by: Blue Watch

We arrived at South Passage at 8 am to be greeted by the friendly crew of the sail boat including the skipper Peter, the sailing master Robyn the watch leaders Liz, Clarissa and Neal and the stomach engineer Hugh. Firstly we were allocated watch groups: Blue, Red and White and allocated watch leaders and these individual leaders showed each person there bunk and how to set up their bed and pack away their luggage. After that we said good bye to our parentals and began to learn how the boat operates. For the beginning of our journey, the skipper Peter got the motor running as we first learnt to set the sails.

Learning how to tie off ropes around the ship was knot an easy task. Blue watch’s first task was to raise the foresail, which required a lot of elbow grease. Appropriately, we had to learn how to tack the ship in order to change direction. The job was assigned to Tak. Before our gruelling two hour watch, we were treated to lunch courtesy of Hugh to provide us with some much needed sustenance. Whilst on lookout, we held rope tying competitions amongst ourselves to prepare for the showdown we knew was coming before dinner; the knot tying competition. Before long, veteran sailor Miranda had our knot tying skills up to par with her own, leading us to victory in the later battle.

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