South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Cairns 7 Day General Public Voyage


FROM:  Cairns  TO: Cairns

DATE: 1/7/2016

POSITION:  Michaelmas Cay

Report by: Red Watch

Red watch woke once again before the sunrise to perform the morning ritual of polishing the brass. This morning was a much more successful attempt as we had a fresh bottle of brasso and it was not raining like the previous morning of our watch. The brass was scrubbed and polished to perfection as we watched the sun rise over the vast ocean. Once the time came around for the rest of the crew to be woken from their slumber we sent Keiran down to the main cabin, with the bugle, where he blew his hardest and made something of sound that awakened the masses. Hugh called for cereal and the herd began to move from their bunks to the galley and the further onto the deck. After some cold breakfast we moved onto our daily knots competition where we, red watch, tried to redeem ourselves from previous losses. Sadly we were not successful, much to David’s disappointment. Hot breakfast was called and not long after that some of use got ready to go for a morning snorkel on the reef before making sail.

As we finished off the day’s sailing, we pulled quite cautiously up to Michaelmas Cay, ensuring we were a safe distance away before we linked to a mooring buoy. The weather was still relatively clear, with only a few light clouds in sight, and plenty of sunshine. It was deemed a ripe location for snorkelling, and so a majority of the ship geared up for such events to go underway. At around 5:30 Hugh had already cooked up a storm with today’s delicacies consisting of tender pork chops with a side of beans, carrots and gravy.

After dinner had finished a voting process was initiated (for election of Command Day officers) in which a chairperson was first voted into power, after which we had the chairperson conduct voting in a formalised fashion. Positions were decided after Bailey was voted in as a chairperson, and a rudimentary chart was drawn up on the whiteboard with some permanent markers. There was little argument over who gets what position, as everyone had the understandably decent idea of letting those who had already garnered a decent amount of experience in sailing take the more important ones.

Then the momentous occasion of a ‘Sod’s Oprah’ had come, in which all the members of the crew were urged to come up with an act. Notable performances included Phill, our Sailing Master, playing the Harmonica and Alex reciting ‘The Man from Snowy River’.



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