South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Cairns 7 Day General Public Voyage


FROM:  Cairns  TO: Cairns

DATE: 27/6/2016

POSITION:  Mourilyan Harbour

Report by: Blue Watch

We awoke on Day 2 upon the South Passage to the rather harmonious(less) sounds of a bugle signalling 6:30, time to get going. As we arose, bleary-eyed from our bunks, we were greeted by the smiling and ever-cheerful Cook, Hugh, as we were gratefully fed both cereal and a hot breakfast. A knot tying contest saw the White Watch emerge victorious as each watch worked in a team to achieve the lowest collective time to each tie a round turn and two half hitches.

Soon after, we set sail, our sights fixed on Howie Reef. The watches again rotated around the ship, looking out to both port and starboard, plotting our position on a chart, then taking a turn at the helm. When we reached our destination, anchor was dropped and just about everyone got on their snorkel and flippers and had a dip in the pristine coral waters of Howie Reef. There was an abundance of fish and marine life, and it felt truly special to be swimming amongst them. Once we had all dried off after an on deck shower, beef stew was gobbled down appreciatively by all as we watched the sun go down on a glassy sea and a bird swooped in and out of the ship’s vicinity.

After dinner and a tiring day, refuge was sought in the communal area of the bunks, but our card tricks and poker games were suddenly interrupted by a warning of wild weather coming our way. The skipper had decided to pull up anchor and head to Mourilyan Harbour to seek shelter from high winds, which were approaching sooner than previously anticipated. Kudos to the White Watch (who were lucky enough to be on shift) and all who helped get us to the Harbour safely and quickly before 2300 that night. As a member of the Blue watch who was due to come on shift at 0000, it was surreal to emerge from below deck and see a complete change of scenery outside after sleeping while the boat was actually moving, making its way to the harbour.

As of now, 0055, the wind has not caught up to us yet, but we are expecting it to finally get us at about 0400 this morning. What a day!



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