South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Cairns 7 Day General Public Voyage


FROM:  Cairns  TO: Cairns

DATE: 29/6/2016

POSITION:  Normandy Island

Report by: Blue Watch

Today has been extremely eventful. At around 0830 we left Dunk Island and immediately became stuck on the bottom, for 20 minutes, in a dropping tide that was  getting lower by the minute (low tide was at 1130). After raising the main and fore sails and using all the crews’ body weight in an attempt to free ourselves of the reef we’d gotten ourselves stuck on, we managed to get free and we were off! The strong winds made steering at the helm incredibly tricky, requiring you to use all of your strength when turning the steering wheel if you happened to steer too far into the wind.

At 1600 we finally let down the anchor and found ourselves at Normandy Island, where the sharp coral and seashells made you feel as if you were walking on nails! However, Normandy Island was beautiful and the various sized seashells looked awesome even though they didn’t feel that way when you stepped on them. At 1715 we took the rubber boat back to the Ship and after a lovely dinner of bangas and mash, we had an entertaining wash up with Hugh (cook) leading us in the singing of various national anthems and blowing us away with his ability to hit all the low notes. Trivia night, although funny with the multiple protests surrounding the time allowed for each question not being 15 seconds, saw blue team fall from grace with a score of 15/21. Overall a very fun filled day.



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