South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Peace Lutheran College
FROM: Townsville     TO: Cairns
DATE: 5th June 2016 Time: 2030 hrs
POSITION: Lucinda, Hinchinbrook Channel

Woke up this morning to the wind blowing us overboard. Everyone came up onto deck shivering and clutching what they think to be proper clothing for the cold. Breakfast was served twice, a cold before the knot tying competition, and then a hot breakfast afterwards. As the sun started to warm our freezing bodies soon the jumpers were shed and the muttering went from, “It’s freezing up here.” To, “ugh when are you going swimming its too hot!?” Each team took their turn on watch, having 4 hour shifts and rotating within the groups. Everyone, or nearly everyone had a chance to take the wheel and after a few students (*cough* Vincent) having some fun trying to tip the boat many of the students were left feeling quite sorry for them selves. Thus they could be found scattered around the deck floor in inconvenient spots, waiting for the waves to stop rolling. Once reaching Orpheus the island everyone was so keen to get off the boat and return to dry land. We went for a swim and suffered very painful slits to the bottom of our feet from the brown coral. We went onto the rocks, got in trouble for going on the rocks. Someone else would then try to see if they would also get yelled at, although it generally ended in the same result. After eating some sort of yummy cake (don’t worry we shared with the fish) we all boarded the boat again and off we went again. While blue was on watch after reboarding the other teams were welcome to roam free. Although some students remained on deck, their eyes peeled to the horizon looking for dolphins, as 2 were spotted the day before. A drop in the wind meant we could sail no more and we motored our way past Lucinda and into the Hinchinbrook Channel. After the anchor was dropped, spirits were definitely raised as 3 of the boys undertook makeovers from us girls on board. After a good laugh it was wiped off and the teachers put us to bed.

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